Workflow Description Language (WDL)ΒΆ

Tibanna version < 1.0.0 supports WDL draft-2, through Cromwell binary version 35. Tibanna version >= 1.0.0 supports both WDL draft-2 and v1.0, through Cromwell binary version 35 and 53, respectively. This is because some of our old WDL pipelines written in draft-2 version no longer works with the new Cromwell version and we wanted to ensure the backward compatibility. But if you want to use WDL draft-2, specify "language": "wdl_draft2" instead of "language": "wdl" which defaults to WDL v1.0.

Tibanna version >= 1.7.0 supports (Caper) in addition to Cromwell. If you would like to use Caper, add "workflow_engine": "caper" to the Tibanna job description. Cromwell is the default.