Check Before using TibannaΒΆ

  • Before using Tibanna, one must have an AWS account.
  • An admin user with access key and secret key sets up and deploys Tibanna for a specific user group and specific buckets.
  • A regular user, with their own access key and secret key, associated with the user group can upload data to the bucket and run jobs using Tibanna.
  • In addition, your workflows must be written in either CWL (Common Workflow Language) or WDL (Workflow Description Language) which point to a docker image on docker hub or AWS ECR (Elastic Container Registry) on the same AWS account. Alternatively, you can use Snakemake workflow to be run as a whole on a single EC2 machine, inside a Snakemake docker image. A CWL/WDL/Snakemake file can be a public url, a local file, or on a (public or private) S3 bucket.